Originally released as a last hurrah for the NEOGEO way back in 2004, Samurai Shodown V is set to return on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita this summer.

It's not going to be just a simple port either. Samurai Shodown V's roster of fighters has been rebalanced, and its fighting systems have been tweaked to be more tactical than ever. There'll be 28 fighters to play as this time too, with bosses such as Amakusa and Zakuro available for use. That's why it's called Samurai Shodown V Special, see?

Those making their way to the upcoming EVO 2017 will be able to try Samurai Shodown V Special via a number of demo stations located in the ATLUS/SEGA-SNK booth. Be sure to give it a try if you get the chance, if only for the gory Overkill Moves which allow you to finish off your opponents with style.

If you're not going to EVO, you'll have to just make do with the new trailer which has been released until the actual game arrives. Enjoy!