Sony Hikes PlayStation Plus Price to £50 a Year


You read that right: if you’re a European PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll soon be expected to pay 25% more to use the service.

In an email sent around to UK customers, Sony has announced that the annual price for membership will be going up to £49.99 (from £39.99), a three-month pass will now cost £19.99 (instead of £14.99), and if you want to pay monthly it’ll now be £6.99.

In Europe, the price will increase from €50 to €60 a year, from €20 to €25 a month and from €7 to €8 a month.

It’s following last year’s increases to the US PS+ service, where prices hiked to $60 a year, or $25 every three months.

That’s a fairly hefty jump, and as a paying PlayStation Plus member, I’m faced with the decision of not renewing my membership or losing access to a massive collection of games I’ve built up by using PlayStation Plus over the years since its inception back in 2012.

Not only does PlayStation Plus give you free games every month, it also allows you to play online and gives you access to cloud storage to back up your save data.

Does this mean then, that if a PS+ member decides not to pay the ridiculous increase, not only will they lose access to a number of games in their library, they’re also going to lose access to all their cloud saves? I’ve reached out to Sony for clarification on this, and will update if I head anything back.

It’s a bit of a slap in the face for loyal customers who don’t want to lose their benefits so will feel trapped in paying the extra. After all, most games have some kind of online functionality and even a casual gamer will want to have access to all features and modes offered by the games they play.

The price increase will take effect on 31st August. In the meantime, a PlayStation Plus membership is still £40, so I suggest we all stockpile a few memberships right now to avoid having to give Sony more money than we should.