Her Story Developer Announces Upcoming FMV Game, Telling Lies

If you haven’t yet played 2015’s Her Story, you’re really missing out.

Created by British developer Sam Barlow, Her Story is an interactive movie set entirely on the desktop of a police investigator’s computer. From there, you can watch interview clips, with a woman being questioned about her missing husband. Presented in a random order, it’s up to you to piece together the clips and make sense of what happened – and decide if the woman in question is guilty of a crime or not.

It’s a very simple concept – but it’s brilliantly executed, thanks in part to Barlow’s masterful storytelling. That’s why I’m excited to hear that he’s at work on a follow-up project called Telling Lies.

Set to have a much higher production values than Her Story and tell a much richer story, Telling Lies is being created in conjunction with Annapurna Interactive, the new games division of the successful film studio. It’s a completely separate story from Her Story, but will follow in the same vein, being that it will be an FMV-led interactive movie.

In an interview with Variety, Barlow revealed that he hopes to have Hollywood talent cast to star in the game. He’s not keen to share too many details on the game just yet, but has said it’s “in the vein of a political thriller with three to four key characters”.

1970s film The Conversation and 2011’s Shame have been cited as being big inspirations for Telling Lies, so what the finished product will end up like is extremely intriguing. Should we expect espionage, murder, and sexual deviancy?

It’s still a way off though – Barlow is still in the process of writing the story, currently fleshing out the finer details. Filming is set to start at the end of this year or early 2018.

While we’re unlikely to see a finished product for at least another year, Telling Lies has certainly got our attention. We’ll be looking out for more announcements from Sam Barlow and Annapurna in the coming months.

[Source: Variety]