If you missed it when it released back in May, Deck 13's The Surge was a bloody good Souls-like with a futuristic aesthetic.

Now, nearly two months since eager gamers first got their hands on it, those still on the fence will be able to try the game for free, thanks to a demo that's set to be released next week.

Placing you in the shoes, or should that be exoskeleton, of a man who's first day of employment at a company called CREO has turned into a literal nightmare, The Surge has you skilfully battling a legion of robots and other similarly cybernetically enhanced humans. Will you make it out alive? Will you discover just what the hell has gone wrong with the world? Try the game. Find out. Or at least die trying anyhow.

As all games seem to these days, The Surge has already seen some significant price drops. You can buy it right now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for only £23.99 on Amazon.co.uk. If you're a fan of games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, we really do recommend you pick it up.  At least give the demo a try when it becomes available next week. We think you might be pleasantly surprised by The Surge.