You Can Join the Destiny 2 Beta Right Now Without a Pre-order

For those of you itching to jump into the Destiny 2 beta but (rightly) unwilling to put money down for the promise of a product unfulfilled, there’s a way you can get started without giving Activision your $5.

Simply register a Taiwanese PSN account by creating a new user on your PS4. You don’t need to purchase PS+ or anything; simply enter some details including a zip code and prefecture in Taiwan, give them an email address to verify (if you’re on Gmail you can just add +taiwan to the end of your address like this: [email protected]) then download the beta from the PSN store under that user profile. Once it’s on your system you can play it from any account including your UK or US account.

I just jumped in this morning and can confirm it definitely works. As for the game itself? Whoooooo boy… uh… that’s for a whole other post. Suffice it to say, if you remember how Destiny originally launched, with a beta that promised nothing and delivered even less, you may wanna buckle up buttercup, because we’re going around again.