10 Best Switch Games Available for Under a Tenner

If you look at the Switch games available in any physical store, you’d be forgiven for thinking there aren’t that many available, and they’re all pretty expensive.

But you’d be very wrong – the majority of the Switch’s library exists only digitally, and there’s actually a very buoyant selection of games available, many of them costing about the price of a cup of coffee or two.

To get the most out of your Switch, be sure to get yourself some eShop credit and visit the online store regularly. New games are added every week – so many recently in fact, that we can’t keep up!


Here’s our picks of the Nintendo Switch eShop, with the 10 best games that will cost you less than £10/$10.

10. Levels+ – £4.99/$6.99

Levels+ is a very simple yet very addictive wee puzzle game – and it’s worth every penny of its £5/$7 asking price. It’s been very hard for me to put the game down long enough to write a short paragraph about it, actually.

If you’ve ever played the annoying compulsive game 2048 on your mobile telephone device, then Levels+ will seem a little familiar. It’s about matching blocks of the same value to create a block with a higher value – but it’s a little more complex than 2048, and to its merit.

You see, there are yellow, red and blue blocks. Yellow blocks are ‘coins’, and the higher you can chain these yellow blocks, the more points you’ll score. Red blocks are the ‘enemy’, shall we say, and these can be destroyed by moving a blue block of the same (or higher) value into them. Blue blocks are your soldiers, clearing the playing field of coinage and danger.

Being a score-based game, it’s incredibly easy to while away a couple of hours in one sitting, forever trying to beat your own best score. Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best.

9. New Frontier Days – £8.99/$9.99

New Frontier Days is basically a re-imagining of Settlers. Or any civilisation-building game for that matter. It’s not the most complex one – it’s very accessible to most ages, but for the price of a cinema ticket, there’s a hell of a lot to get out of the game.

I sank a good six or so hours into New Frontier Days, and still had plenty more to do. The game starts you off with a basic little village and it’s about evolving your settlement through the ages, modernising and growing as you go. It isn’t the most action-packed of games, but there are attacks to defend yourself against, exploration to be done, and a hell of a lot of sheep to be sheared.