10 Best Switch Games Available for Under a Tenner

8. GoNNER – £8.99/$9.99

Gonner Header

If you like weird, punishing but strangely compelling shooters, GoNNER is the perfect game for you.

Placing you in the shoes of a strange skeletal humanoid called Ikk, GoNNER is a roguelike platform/shooter hybrid that has you running and gunning your way through dark environments in order to find a trinket that will cheer up Sally, your land whale friend. All I can say is that Ikk really must like Sally, because the ordeals he has to go through certainly aren’t easy.

Death comes all too quickly if you don’t keep your wits about you, but then that’s the point; GoNNER is a game all about dying and having another go. With levels being procedurally generated so that they’re different every time you play however, you don’t really mind. Add in some score chasing for those into such things, and you have a game that’s just great to pick up and play for 15 minutes or so when you have the chance.

7. Kamiko – £4.49/$4.99

I wrote an article a while back proclaiming Kamiko to be the Switch’s cheapest game. In the UK, it still is – although the US now has a few more games for $4.99 to compete. It’s worth every last penny, too.

Part old-school Zelda adventure, part Titan Souls-esque retro brawler, Kamiko is a short but utterly enthralling adventure across three worlds. There’s a wealth of enemies to fight, plenty of secrets to discover, and some pretty cool old-school style bosses to rage against.

The best part? The characters are all kick-ass females. Sorry guys. It’s not the most original game by any means – it wears its inspirations on its sleeve – but for less than a fiver, you’d be a fool to skip over it.