10 Best Switch Games Available for Under a Tenner

4. Bulb Boy – £7.19/$8.99

If you’re into macabre and weird things, then Bulb Boy should be on your radar. It’s probably best described as a point and click-meets-platform game, with simple puzzles combined with basic platforming and old-school boss battles to create something rather unique.


You play as the eponymous Bulb Boy, an enlightened (literally) young man who can detach his head from his body in order to solve a myriad of puzzles. On what starts out like any other evening at home with his grandpa and dog-like pet, something goes terribly wrong and MONSTERS ATTACK. Poor Bulb Boy must rescue his beloved family and rid his home from the terrors that now lie within.

It’s only a short adventure – lasting around two or three hours – but it’s a fun one, especially if you’re into dark and twisted imagery. This game features a poo monster, for crying out loud. I mean, I’m sold on that alone.

3. Boost Beast – £8.99/$9.99

Who doesn’t love a match three puzzler? Especially one that also contains ZOMBIES! and CUTE ANIMALS! That’s exactly what Boost Beast is. And it’s jolly good fun.

Playing like your standard match three puzzler, the squares you match represent cute and cuddly animals. Whichever get matched get sent into grizzly battle against (admittedly still pretty cute) zombies. The aim of the game is to rid all of the incoming zombies before they reach your… king? Or leader? I’m not quite sure who he is, to be honest, but he’s important and you need to protect him.

Boost Beast‘s gloriously cartoony art style is what makes it stand out, and if you enjoy something with a bit of character and colour, you’re bound to love this. It’s a great title to pick up and play for a few minutes at a time – the perfect kind of game for a handheld, don’t you think?