10 Best Switch Games Available for Under a Tenner

2. World of Goo – £8.99/$9.99

If you’d like a Switch game that gives your brain a bit of exercise, there are none better than World of Goo. Presenting you with multiple chapters full of levels that will truly make you think, it’s certainly not for those looking for quick action-packed thrills, but it’s a great game nonetheless.


World of Goo requires you to manipulate various blobs of goo, with each having their own specific use or quirk. You’ll need keep your wits about you as you connect them together, forming structures that will enable you to reach the exit point on each map. But with realistic physics in play, it’s seldom an easy task.

As you get further into the game the stakes are raised with environmental hazards to avoid and more intricate and mind boggling structures to build, but World of Goo always remains rewarding. Honestly, World of Goo is seriously worth picking up if you want a lasting challenge.




1. Shovel Knight – Specter of Torment – £8.99/$9.99

Shovel Knight has become a bit of a phenomenon. Released in 2014, his retro platforming exploits have been widely praised, and you can also get in the action on Nintendo Switch.

While the Shovel Knight Treasure Trove includes the original game and all the expansions released for it, it costs a hefty £22.49/$24.99. The latest expansion – Specter of Torment – is available separately as a stand alone title on the Switch, however, and it only costs a fraction of the price.

If you like old school platforming, Shovel Knight – Specter of Torment is simply spectacular. It has brilliant controls, challenging level design, and best of all, epic bosses. Rich reviewed the game back when it was released, giving it a mighty 9/10, so it must be good!