10 Tips for League of Legends Beginners

3. Ward the River Bush(es)

Use the free ward in Top or Bottom lane’s single bush in the river, to see when junglers are coming in.

If you have a champion harassing you in your lane and you’re being pushed backed quite regularly (or you’re against someone like Blitzcrank who keeps grabbing you and pulling you in!), then consider placing the ward in your own bush on the side of your lane. This will let you see when the champions in your lane decide to try and ambush you from the nearby bush.

Mid has the dilemma of deciding which side of the river to ward, so just play it by ear and see which side of the map the enemy jungler is using the most.

4. Don’t Dive into Expensive Items Straight Away

Again, a no-brainer for experienced players (unless they’re snowballing particularly hard and will benefit from an early buy), but don’t go for the most expensive item straight away.

As a beginner, you’re going to benefit sooner from lower costing items that make a difference early on. This means leaving things like Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge until later. Get items early on, that will have the most impact for both your situation and your champion’s playstyle.