10 Tips for League of Legends Beginners

5. Pick Early Game Items

Early game items are things like Doran’s Ring, Durian’s Blade etc. They’re cheap items that you can buy as soon as the game starts, and they offer a mixture of stats to help you in the early laning phase.

Whilst experienced players still use these, some may forgo early items depending on certain scenarios. This is a fairly common tip for everyone however, as early game items are generally considered to pay for themselves by making the laning phase easier, thus more gold.

Since they help you secure early kills, you’re more likely to make more gold by spending a little bit at the start of the game with these items, than going all in on the first item in a set.

6. Pick Around Your Team’s Choices

This one is not so obvious. Most people think along the lines of “What champion do I play well as?”. Whilst this is fine (and it’s important to perform well as a player!), don’t forget that you have to consider how your chosen champion compliments the team and vice-versa.

For instance, if you pick Ashe as your ADC, and you have Sejuani as a support, you might be wasting your team’s potential. Ashe’s arrows slow the target, but so does Sejuani’s attacks. This means that whilst you are indeed slowing the enemy down a heck of a lot and stacking the slows generously, what’s the point in having two champions with slow effects when one would suffice? Or maybe having a Mid with a lot of stun abilities and CC spells means that you can afford to pick a more attack-driven champion to lay down the damage whilst the enemy is stunned?

Consider what your team is picking, and pick around them if possible to avoid inefficiently doubling up on effects. They should do the same if you picked first!