10 Tips for League of Legends Beginners

7. Don’t Solo

In contrary to the above in terms of picking around your team, some people are always tempted to pick what’s known as a ‘carry’ champion (i.e one who carries teams to victory), and decides to play the game like it’s the year’s biggest FPS title.

Don’t run off on your own, and don’t follow teammates who regularly do so. By assisting and supporting players who regularly run off and try to play lone wolf style, you’re not only encouraging them to keep doing so by acting as a scapegoat to feed that behaviour, but you’re also potentially giving the enemy 2 kills instead of 1 by putting yourself in danger.

If a teammate genuinely misjudges a situation and needs help escaping, help. If they’re behaving like a lone wolf solo player in a team-based game, don’t let them drag you down. You might lose the match, but you played smart, and didn’t help the feed. Their playstyle is not your responsibility, and you’ll avoid a situation where they can place the blame on you.

8. Don’t Hoard Gold

Remember I said stay in lane? Don’t if you’ve had 1,000 gold for the last 5 minutes and you haven’t been back to base yet to spend it!

It depends on how well your lane is going, and if you can afford to go back and shop without your lane being pressured back too much. As a general guideline however, if you have 500-1,000 gold, and you can afford to leave your lane, do it asap. Even just one item for 350 gold that gives you +20 AD, can be the difference you need to land a killing blow or have enough health to survive an encounter. As soon as you can afford a new item, try to buy it.

It means more at a beginner level than it does for more experienced players who will use your absence to push further and harder whilst you’re away in those level of games, but it’s important for everyone. For higher-level play, it’s more important to be present in lane than to spend less than 1k gold if it’s risky. For you as a beginner though, it’ll make a huge difference.