10 Tips for League of Legends Beginners

9. Don’t Fight a Losing Battle

Sometimes you’ll see one teammate getting jumped on by four enemy champions. Unless you’re Thresh or someone that can throw out an escape route for your teammate without putting you in harms way, then don’t go in to help.

I know it sounds cruel, but going on the philosophy before with the “Don’t Solo” tip, you’re giving the enemy 2 kills instead of 1 by risking yourself to save a teammate. Call it being unlucky, or the wrong place at the wrong time, but if your teammate is looking likely to die, don’t place yourself at risk when their death is inevitable. Use this time to distance yourself quickly and regroup with your team if need be. As much as you’ll want to help, you can’t do anything for them. It’s too late. Recognise those moments and stay clear, and your team will respect you a lot more for not feeding the enemy more kills, than jumping in without a chance of coming out alive.

The exception is for support players in lane with their ADC. If you can give your life and guarantee it will save theirs, do it. You maintain their killing spree which means more gold for them, and you avoid the enemy claiming bounty gold by killing the ADC if they’re on a killing spree. Only if you’re certain though!

10. Don’t Tilt

The most important on the list, and the one everyone does regardless. There’s a number of reasons and causes for tilting (when you get so angry/mad/frustrated that you start playing worse and affecting your teammate’s attitude as well). The main two are when you’re playing well but your team is playing badly, and when you’re playing badly and dying a lot.

It’s frustrating when you’re playing well and doing your job properly, but your team is letting you down. The best you can do here is offer support if you can physically afford to do so, and sometimes even just saying in the chat “Don’t worry, just stay focused and keep trying” can be enough to stop them from tilting themselves. Just letting them know you don’t hold it against them is enough sometimes.

If you’re playing badly, just try to stay focused yourself and don’t let your team’s hurtful comments propel you further into your tilt. Learn from your mistakes, play more safely, and ask for help if you need it. Don’t rage quit, don’t flame the chat, and just keep your composure. Sometimes dying once is enough to make the enemy snowball into a build you’ll never outplay in your situation. Sometimes you know you’ve lost in the first 10 minutes with no way out. I will say that I’ve played matches where we’ve reversed the outcome completely from the first 80%, and I didn’t think a victory was possible. All you can do at this point is enjoy the game as much as you can whilst losing, and don’t surrender to the tilt frame of mind. It only makes things worse!