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Bullet Soul Infinite Burst Available Now on Steam

If you love bullet hell shoot’em ups, you may be interested to hear that a new one has just been added to Steam: Bullet Soul Infinite Burst.

Okay, so it’s not new new – the original Bullet Soul was released on the Xbox 360 way back in 2011, and on Steam less than three months ago – but Bullet Soul Infinite Burst takes the original and adds a wealth of enhancements, making it quite a compelling package.

Features include overhauled level design, a new coin collecting mechanic, rebalanced Normal and Caravan modes, and of course, the titular Burst system. Loop, previously a bonus character, is now also available for use in all modes. And finally, there’s new music to accompany the chaotic action, which is absolutely fantastic.

Bullet Soul Infinite Burst Body

I’ve only put an hour or so into Bullet Soul Infinite Burst up to now, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. It’s crazy, just how a bullet hell shooter should be, with explosions, bullets and coins filling the screen and dazzling your senses. Perhaps the only aspect of it that’s disappointed me so far is that there are no graphics options, or more specifically, no resolution options, meaning it doesn’t look quite as crisp and clear as I’d like. Still, it plays great, so the omission can just about be forgiven.

There’s 20% off Bullet Soul Infinite Burst if you buy it before 7th August, so check it out on the Steam store now if you’re interested. Owners of the original Bullet Soul get an additional 30% off the price for being loyal too, which is nice.

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