New Cities: Skylines Expansion ‘Green Cities’ Coming This Year

Paradox keep bringing us those Cities: Skylines expansions, and today they announced the next installment, Green Cities.

Coupled with a short trailer the announcement details that Green Cities will add 350 new assets to the core game. We’re talking 200 new buildings here, new specialisations, new visual options, eco-friendly buildings, organic shops, electric vehicles, and new services. When this is out it’ll be time to make the city of the future.

You’re already looking at a lot of DLC for Cities: Skylines¬†– I only own After Dark. The big expansions worth looking at that Green Cities will accompany are Natural Disasters, Snowfall, Mass Transit, and After Dark. There is no announcement on a solid release date yet, but Paradox say it will be out this year. I’d also like to remind you that Cities: Skylines came out over two years ago now, and the amount of love still being put into it is lovely.

Also Chirper gets a new hat, and that’s all we really needed. #HatsForChirper

Chris MC only reviewed Cities: Skylines for GameSpew relatively recently, so maybe check it out.

So goodbye pollution road.
This (terrible take) of an Elton John refrain has been in my head while writing this.