3030 Deathwar Redux Gets Launch Date

3030 Deathwar Redux has spent the last year in Steam’s Early Access. The game’s next destination is its V1 release on 13th September.

Co-developers Bird in Sky and Crunchy Leaf Games announced today that 3030 Deathwar Redux would be coming out of Early Access for its full release. Worked on for a decade after releasing an early version back in 2007 it’s finally ready. Since then the two teams expanded the world, improved the gameplay, and added tons of adventure-style story.

Which character is he talking to? And about whom?

What players will get out of 3030 Deathwar Redux is a space exploration/combat game with point-and-click adventure elements. Players can explore the games’ 30 star systems, engage in frantic space combat, and board stations to meet all sorts of characters along the way.

Matt Griffiths of Bird in Sky said: “For 3030, we set out making an homage to the space games of our youth as well as classic LucasArts adventure games, but over the ten years of development the game has become so much more than that. Not only have the graphics and audio been massively improved, we also got to add lots of new gameplay ideas and fresh content we hadn’t dreamed of at the start. We’re extremely proud and happy about the game’s upcoming release.”

3030 Deathwar Redux has also featured on “Top 1000 Steam hidden gems” – a list worth checking out for many relatively unknown games available on Steam.