Destiny 2 PC Open Beta is Go Go Go!

Destiny has its first venture on PC this week in the Destiny 2 PC open beta which started today.

PC players looking to test out Destiny 2 can download the beta from Blizzard’s Battlenet (or Blizzard App or whatever it is these days) which you can download from here. The beta is playable until 31st August.

The PC early access beta started yesterday, and despite some teething problems the overall consensus was a thumbs up. I watched streamer CohhCarnage troubleshoot for an hour and a half before he managed to get into the beta. I’m still hoping that the first Destiny title makes its way to PC before Destiny 2’s release to allow PC players to experience the story of the first game before venturing into its successor – wishful I know.


It’s recommended for NVIDIA graphics card users to update their graphics driver to the newest version posted a couple of days ago. You can find the new driver for your card on NVIDIA’s website.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s a trailer for the PC beta: