The Division’s 1.7 Update Now Has Patch Notes and a Trailer

The Division still has a very passionate player base to this day. Ubisoft continue to patch the game and tomorrow’s Update 1.7 brings global events among other goodies.

It’s been over a year and Ubisoft still continue to give The Division plenty of face lifts, and you have to admire them for that. Tomorrow’s Update 1.7 is the latest in a long line of patches to The Division, so watch the trailer, read the patch notes and decide whether it’s time to jump back into The Division.

Now, I was going to put the patch notes on this page, but it is certainly a list and a half.

Update 1.7 brings Encrypted Caches, and these are loot containers that can be purchased from the Premium Vendor. Thankfully, within these crates are just vanity items, emotes, and skins. To open these caches you need Cipher Keys; you can either obtain these by collecting key fragments from normal gameplay, or just purchase them with real money. For all intents and purposes these are loot boxes.

Global Events also make their debut in 1.7; these are time-limited events that add modifiers to PvE areas of The Division. You are rewarded for completing Global Events with tokens which can be used to buy the new Classified Gear. Classified Gear will have higher primary stats than normal pieces, so you better start doing those events if you’re looking for the best loot.