Exclusives Are Coming to Rocket League on Switch

To celebrate Rocket League‘s release on Nintendo Switch, developer Psyonix has announced a few exclusives coming to the Switch’s version of the game, expected later this year.

Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch will receive exclusive cars styled from Nintendo IPs with “Mario NSR”, “Luigi NSR”, and “Samus’ Gunship”. As well as these new vehicles, the Switch version will have exclusive customisation items.


Whether you’re on the blue or orange team in a match does dictate which of these cars you can use. If you’re on the orange team, you can use the Mario NSR or Samus’ Gunship, and if you’re on the blue team you can use Luigi NSR or a Samus colour variation of her Varia Suit.

Mario and Luigi hats will be usable on any non-licensed car, and a Super Star rocket boost can be used with the Mario and Luigi NSR cars. The cars will be available for free, bundled with the Switch version of Rocket League as standard.

Check the cars out in action in the brand new trailer below: