I Can’t Wait to Play Stardew Valley on Switch

I love Stardew Valley. Have I said that recently? Well, it’s true. I love Stardew Valley.

I’ve pretty much played it to death on Xbox One though, and short of starting a new farm on there, I’ve reached a bit of a standstill with my current lot, Buttmunch Farm (heh). What would be nice, though, is a whole new format to play it on. Perhaps one that I can take with me when I’m on the go. One that sits nicely in my hand and can be plugged into my TV if I want it to be.

Yup, Stardew Valley would be perfect on Nintendo Switch, and it turns out publisher Chucklefish Ltd thinks so too. Today, two members of staff have been the envy of Twitter by teasing us all with their Stardew Valley testing on Switch.

Damn you both!

The good news is that if Stardew Valley is in testing stages, it shouldn’t be too far away from a release. I wager before the end of September, we’ll have Stardew Valley in our hands. Literally.

The question is though, what shall I call my next farm? Smellybum Farm? Poopants Farm? Snotface Farm? (I’m very mature.)

Hopefully a release date is announced soon, so watch this space.