I’m Having a Lot of Fun With Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem 2

Agents of Mayhem is a lot of fun. So much fun, in fact, that I’ve been spending too much time just running around like a lunatic rather than actually completing the game, which, er, is why my review isn’t ready yet.

From Volition, the team behind the Saints Row games, I expected nothing less, really. Agents of Mayhem isn’t quite as wacky as Saints Row – in, at least, that you don’t batter your enemies to death with a giant dildo – but it’s still packed with tonnes of irreverent humour, brilliantly addictive action-packed gameplay, and instantly likeable over-the-top characters.

With a cast of twelve agents, each with their own signature weapons and skillsets, there are plenty of characters to play around with. You’ll complete most missions with a squad of three at your disposal, and new agents will unlock as you play. Every agent has their own brilliant personality that makes it hard to choose between them, but your preferred play style — maybe you favour ranged attacks over up-close shotgun-style weapons, for instance — will likely dictate your choice of crew. Whoever you pick, though, you’ll have a blast. So far, my favourite is Daisy, a kick-ass rock chick who enjoys a good roller derby and a raucous girls’ night out. Running’s too old school for her, so she scoots around the world on her roller skates on a constant quest for ass to kick.

And there’s a lot of ass to kick. The titular Agents of Mayhem are currently based in a futuristic Seoul, where the nefarious “Legion” have taken over. Every mission boils down to taking down Legion; be it claiming back control centres, destroying vehicles or simply blowing the brains out of the enemy, there’s plenty to stick your teeth into.

I’m only a third of the way through the story so far, but it’s entertaining enough. It helps that the voice acting is on point, and the writing ranges from incredibly witty to downright stupid, but it’s constantly fun. Even the enemies are hard to dislike thanks to their brilliant characterisation.

“Fun” is the operative word here, though. There isn’t a moment to be bored in Agents of Mayhem. With an open world mission-based system, even if you’re not gunning through the story, there’ll be a small side quest for you to pick up as you run around. Sure, there’s the usual open world ‘busywork’ in there, but I’m enjoying it. The world is a pleasant and interesting place to explore, and while it may not be the most detailed map ever, it doesn’t matter. There are numerous buildings to climb, hundreds of cars to drive around in like a maniac, and plenty of cool landmarks to wander around.

My favourite part so far though? The ability to triple jump. Every damn game should allow you to triple jump. Traversing skyscrapers has never been so fun, and nowhere in the city is out of reach. Oh, and when you reach the top, just launch yourself off. It’s cool, you can’t die by falling.

My more in-depth review of Agents of Mayhem will be coming later in the week, but for now, all you need to know is: it’s bloody good fun. If you enjoy silly humour, straightforward third-person shooter gameplay and non-stop crazy action, then you should definitely consider picking it up.