Keeping it Simple is the Key to High-Level Counter-Strike Play

While the advice “practice your fundamentals” might be the most overused sentiment in any skill-based hobby, it always tends to ring true.

When successful professionals are asked to share their “secrets,” a common response tends to be to truly understand whatever it is you’re trying to master at its most basic level.

Unfortunately, with the advent of YouTube, younger generations just want to do whatever it takes to be able to “style” or look cool. And we assume that’s why you’re here. You tried too hard to show off and you got demolished in you session of CS:GO. While starting fresh with any game is difficult, you have to realise there are whole websites dedicated to betting on eSports such as Counter-Strike and the scene is only growing as we head toward 2018. Try and read through some of the betting guides at Master Mazuma and tell us people aren’t taking this seriously, both in terms of pro gaming and, apparently, betting too. But don’t worry. Even though the game has changed and competitive play is at an all-time high, the way to become great hasn’t. So boot up your computer, run Counter-Strike and follow these simple steps.


1. Find The Perfect Settings For You

Before you’re even ready to fire a gun, you need to feel comfortable playing the game while still achieving quick play. The trick is balancing those two things in a way that helps you improve. For example, load up a map and find a picture or window as a focal point – just something to aim at. Now enter the area multiple times while aiming at the focal point as fast as you can. If you’re overshooting your target every time, turn the sensitivity down on your mouse. If you’re not quite reaching it fast enough, turn them up. Just remember that overshooting by a little bit is okay.

Those small adjustments will come to you with practice. Just remember that you’re always trying to have the highest sensitivity possible while maintaining accuracy. Once you’ve manually found the optimal sensitivity, you can further hone this by downloading a tool called “CS sensitivity finder.” This will give you a more accurate measure of what sensitivity suits you best once you’ve properly built that skill. With enough perseverance and by constantly challenging yourself to turn up the settings just a bit more, you’ll be chaining headshots together instinctively.

2. Familiarise Yourself With Each Map and the Routes People Run

This practice will come in two parts as familiarising yourself with the maps will be done in the game and finding the most common routes will come by watching YouTube videos. While we can appreciate that going through empty levels can get boring, we do suggest practicing our first piece of advice in different areas of each map (especially areas that experience high foot traffic). This will give you an intimate understanding of each area and will keep your senses more attuned when you’re being attacked. That’s what makes this training beneficial for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Now, by walking around each map on your own, you’ll already start to understand where the most advantageous positions might be. However, to supplement that knowledge you should examine professionals and the routes that they typically run during each game mode. The Guardian even reported on FPS Trainer, a title developed to improve FPS skills, which tracks player movement and “hot spots” as a way to help players visualise where the action happens in a typical match – priceless knowledge in a game where seeing your opponent first is the biggest advantage.

3. Use Every Gun and Find a Favourite

Many players have a signature weapon. This helps them master a specific part of the game and learn specific skills that can then be used on other guns. The more you know, the more well-rounded you’ll be as a player. It’s always a good idea to have one favourite, though, that you just challenge yourself to be the best with. This is more of a mental trick than anything as the better you push your knowledge with one gun, the more you’re bound to push your understanding of other weapons even further.

4. Consume as Much Second-hand Knowledge as You Can

Lastly, between countless forums and YouTube tutorials, there’s always an excess of player knowledge to take in. This will come from players of all skill levels, but as you grow as a player you’ll be able to spot the difference between helpful advice and anger from a guy who just got wrecked and is whining to the rest of the community. Either way, be sure to read up on the newest strategies and always, always, ALWAYS test out the information for yourself. Even some of the best general advice won’t mesh with your specific playstyle.