Out Today, Killing Floor: Incursion Gets a Launch Trailer

Tripwire Interactive’s VR title Killing Floor: Incursion, announced at the PC Gaming Show, is out today on the Oculus Rift and comes with a launch trailer.

Players team up with allies to fend off the hordes in Killing Floor: Incursion. This time players will fight the Zed hordes using the Oculus Rift + Touch. The trailer showcases some of the multiplayer, and that involves throwing a shotgun at your friend and then them catching it and blasting an enemy in the face, and that’s what I want out of VR.

Project lead at Tripwire Interactive, Leland Scali said: “Bringing the Killing Floor universe to VR has enabled us to create experiences and gameplay we couldn’t have achieved in a traditional game”.

Killing Floor: Incursion is available for purchase exclusively on the Oculus Store at $39.99. The Oculus Touch controllers are also required to play.