Madden’s New Story Mode Makes Me Excited for a Sports Game

I don’t like sports games. They’ve never appealed to me in any way, shape or form. But this new wave of adding story modes is starting to turn the tables.

Last year’s Fifa 17 started the trend, with ‘The Journey’ story mode. Madden NFL ’18 is another to follow suit this year, adding the Longshot story campaign. And even though I had, up to this point, absolutely no interest in NFL, I’m suddenly finding myself eager to play the game.

Why? Because even though it centres around a sport, Longshot tells a more human story, one that looks to be packed full of emotion, real-life choices and the experiences of an otherwise ordinary, relatable young man.


Looking at the trailer for Longshot, I couldn’t help but be reminded by the likes of Field of Dreams or The Blind Side, those typical Hollywood sports films loaded with emotional exposition. They’re cheesy, but we love them all the same — and Madden NFL ’18’s story mode focusing on a young man named Devin Wade’s quest to become a football star feels very much in the same vein.

Check out the trailer for Longshot below:

While some people may complain about the addition of story modes to their favourite sporting franchises, taking away the focus from plain ol’ getting down to the action, I think it’s something to celebrate. If a well-written story can get someone like me, with zero interest in sport, to consider picking up a game, then EA is doing something right in my book.

Madden NFL ’18 is set to release on 25th August.