Nintendo Switch Now Supports PayPal – But It’s Still Region Locked

I felt safe before, in the knowledge that any Nintendo eShop purchase I wanted to make was blocked behind the hassle barrier of needing to either have eShop credit or to actually get up off my arse to find my debit card and input my details.

Now, spending money on lots of Switch games has just become a hell of a lot easier: as of today, the eShop now supports PayPal payments. Hurrah!/Noooo! (Delete as appropriate.)

The first time you try and use it, you’ll be required to link your Nintendo Account and your PayPal account. Nintendo will send you an email with a link to follow to set this up. It’s a simple process, but one that needs to be carried out away from your Switch. Once its done, you’ll not need to put in your PayPal password to make purchases (although you can set your Switch to require your Nintendo Account password each time, if you’re worried about random hands getting hold of your console).

There’s been some speculation online about this making it easier to purchase things off of different regions’ stores. Unfortunately not; your PayPal account also has a region attached to it, and if you try to, say, purchase something from the American eShop with your UK PayPal account, you’ll get stopped. You could technically set up a foreign PayPal account if you plan to shop from another regions’ store regularly, but in that case, it’s probably just as easy to buy store credit from another region.

Still, it’s a much easier method to purchase stuff from your own eShop, cutting out barriers between our hard-earned cash and all those tasty games we want to buy. Goodbye, disposable income. It’s been nice knowing you.