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Play as a Cat in The Good Life by SWERY

If you’re a fan of weird Japanese games, you’re probably well aware of SWERY – the man behind wonderfully kooky titles such as Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die.

Having left Access Games last year, he recently set up a new studio, White Owls Inc., with the first game being worked on now unveiled as The Good Life.

A mystery RPG, The Good Life follows a photographer named Naomi who finds herself stuck in a sleepy rural town in England called Rainy Woods. Finding a way to pay off her debts, she sticks around but stumbles upon a strange discovery: at night, everyone in the town turns into a cat. Not one to leave mysteries unsolved, Naomi plans to get to the root of the unusual occurrence.

While by day you’ll get to explore Rainy Woods as a human, by night, even Naomi herself will adopt a cat form. It allows her to explore areas that were previously off limits, discovering new clues that may lead to her unlocking the town’s secret. With no other townsfolk remembering what they do at night, someone’s got to, right?

While the campaign is not yet active, The Good Life is set to be crowdfunded by Fig. Its goal is reportedly a cool $1.5 million, but I’ll provide an update when the campaign goes live and figures are set in stone. Until then, let’s just be happy that a new SWERY game may just be on the horizon.

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