14 Videogames You Really Don’t Expect to Find on Pornhub

The Last of Us

I’m kind of not surprised by The Last of Us being popular with porn peddlers, but at the same time I really am.

You can guess the content of most of the videos available – I’m not going to spell it out for you – and yeah, they’re just a bit wrong. Put it this way, if they really were the last of us, they might not be for long if they keep their antics up. Disgusting.

Angry Birds

Have you ever been turned on by Angry Birds? No, me neither.

It seems to do it for some though – or more specifically one particular couple going at it while cosplaying as a pair of Angry Birds. I’m not sure if I want to live on this planet anymore…


Known for its humour, it would also appear that many players get the horn on for some of Borderlands‘ characters while blasting around Pandora.

Mad Moxxi and Lilith seem to be the primary targets of smut lovers’ affections, with Pornhub visitors being able to watch plenty of videos of them in action. I really love Borderlands but I don’t think I’ll ever look at in the same way again now…


Have you ever looked at some pieces of LEGO and got turned on? It would seem that some possibly do going by the amount of Minecraft porn there is about.

I mean, come on, really? Why? Just Why? What’s erotic about some badly textured blocks? Is anyone really looking at it? I guess they do as there’s so much of it, but just who? Is it you?…I hope not.

Watch Dogs

The original Watch Dogs featuring the dour-faced Aiden Pierce has to be one of the least sensual games ever made. You’ll still find some naughty stuff on Pornhub based on it though.

It would appear that Aiden’s helpful hacker friend Clara Lille is quite a hit with her alternative looks. So yeah, it’s a thing, apparently.