When Will We See Payday 2 VR and Payday 3?

Payday 2 Crimewave Edition PS4 Xbox One

Earlier this year, developer Overkill Software announced that their smash hit multiplayer heist game Payday 2 would be coming to VR.

In an effort to make the game more immersive than ever before, the VR mode will feature a full-body cover system, special mechanics to revive teammates, shoot through windows and around walls, and even give directions to hostages.

Unlike many other games that have been re-released in VR, Payday 2 VR will not be limited to only a specific locked section but will actually allow players to experience the entire game in virtual reality. It will be made available for online multiplayer cross play, allowing you to team up with gamers playing the original console and PC version in classic missions like the Golden Grin Casino heist, which echoes real life Las Vegas casino robberies.

If you’re thinking that this all sounds great but are wondering if you really want to shelve out more money to replay a four-year-old game in a different mode, here’s the kicker: while this update and integration must have certainly cost the developer quite a pretty penny, it has decided to release Payday 2 VR for free.

Many gamers might be surprised at Overkill’s decision to release this VR update for free, particularly fans who have previously criticised the franchise for its multiple paid DLCs. With Payday 2 proving to be a great financial success for Overkill, it continues to provide updates and support to the title, most of them ironing out small bugs — but also a few substantial patches.

When we’ll see the VR update, however, remains to be seen. First announced back in May, Overkill said a beta would begin “in 2017”. There’s been no news since, so fingers crossed something materialises in the next few months.

The truth is, though, that ever since publisher Starbreeze acquired the Payday series from previous owners 505 Studios, it have been going through great lengths to try and gain back a good reputation for the series from the gaming community and fans of the series. In June, five million copies of the game on Steam were given away for free. Now following up with the free release of the VR version, it has certainly taken great strides to get back to their fans good graces.

With Starbreeze and Overkill both taking all these steps to earn back goodwill for the series, the big question on everyone’s mind is: is Payday 3 coming out soon?

Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson Klint revealed back in February that Payday 3 was officially in production, with the team at the full design stage. He also clarified that since the Payday franchise is their most valuable asset and the cornerstone of their business, they will not rush Payday 3 in any shape or form. “It will be done when it’s done,” he concluded.

Considering that Overkill are currently working on a Walking Dead spin-off title — now set for release in 2018 — it’s safe to assume that a Payday 3 won’t be seen until much later. Still, it’s nice to know that in the meantime, the team continue to support Payday 2 with more glorious heist-themed content to tide us over.