The Binding of Isaac is Finally Available on Switch in Europe

We’ve had to wait what feels like a lifetime, but finally — finally — The Binding of Isaac is available on Nintendo Switch outside of the Americas.

While its RRP of £35 may seem a little steep, I’d argue it’s worth the money. The Afterbirth+ version adds a lot of extra content, making this the best version of the game to date.

The Switch really is the perfect format to play The Binding of Isaac on, too. I imported the American version (because I’m too impatient…) and, aside from Breath of the Wild, it’s the Switch game I’ve put most time into. In handheld mode, the simplicity of Isaac works beautifully; the visuals looking crisper and sharper than ever. It’s nice in docked mode, too, but it truly shines in handheld. The pick up and play nature means it’s great for on the go, too; because unless you’re a Binding of Isaac wizard, no game is going to last you too long.


Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ is available both digitally and physically. You can pick it up on Amazon right now for £31.