Dead Rising 4 is Crawling to PS4 Later This Year

Brace yourselves: Frank’s Big Package is coming!

By that I mean, of course, Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package is coming to PlayStation 4. What else did you think I mean, you filthy animal?

Capcom announced yesterday that the previous Xbox exclusive will be coming to a wider audience on 5th December, just in time for Christmas, because what’s more festive than fighting your way through shitloads of zombies?

The Frank’s Big Package edition of Dead Rising 4 contains all previous DLC, including Frank Rising, Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack and Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf, along with a tonne of bonus content that includes new outfits and weapons for Frank.

Frank’s Big Package also contains a whole new mode, Capcom Heroes. With this, you can kit out Frank in over 12 classic outfits from various Capcom characters. If you already own Dead Rising 4 on PC or Xbox One, Capcom Heroes will be landing as a free update. So if you’ve ever wanted to romp around with Frank while he’s dressed as Mega Man, or perhaps even Cammy from Street Fighter, now’s your chance.

It’ll be available both digitally and physically from 5th December, so be sure to let Santa know you’d like to play with Frank’s Big Package this Christmas.