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Where to Find All Graffiti Locations in Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1

In Life is Strange, all trophies/achievements were based on optional photographs that Max could take in random locations.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm, the Chloe-led prequel which released last week, follows in a similar vein. This time, though, all achievements are based on optional graffiti that Chloe can leave along her journey.

In episode one, there are 10 optional graffiti locations, and we’ve scoped them all out for you so you don’t have to miss anything.

The good news is this time, new developer Deck Nine has added a chapter select mode that lets you jump back to specific parts of the story especially to find missed graffiti spots. So if you do miss any the first time round, don’t worry. Here they all are.

Of course, if you haven’t yet played episode one of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, there’ll be some spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.

1. On the side of the camper van

As the game first puts you in control of Chloe, you’ll be making your way to an abandoned sawmill to sneak into a gig. Just outside, there’s a camper van parked outside. (Hmm, it’s a very familiar looking camper van, too…) Scoot around to the other side of it, and there’s a nice, fresh panel waiting for you to make your mark on.

2. Inside the sawmill

Once you get inside the sawmill after impressing the bouncer with your attitude, you’ll be free to explore a little. The next graffiti spot is pretty much straight in front of you: to the side of the bar, just before you enter the mosh pit, there’s an old sawblade mounted onto the wall. Interact with it to make it look a little more interesting.

3. Chloe’s bedroom

Chloe’s bedroom is somewhat comforting, in that it’s instantly familiar to anyone who played the first Life is Strange. A lot of the posters on the wall are different though. Next to the door is a unicorn poster. Interacting it will give you the option to tear it down. Once it’s off the wall, Chloe can leave her own artwork in its place.

4. David’s toolbox

Chloe begrudgingly has to accept a ride to school from her future “stepdouche” David, but first she has to help him get his piece of crap car up and running. He sends her into the garage to find the tools he needs. She’ll grab the correct items from his toolbox – but not before interacting with the lid to leave him a little message.

5. Outside school

Ah, Blackwell Academy – we know this place so well. Probably better than Chloe, since she never seems to attend class, but she still visits the grounds enough to make her presence known. Over on the left-hand side of the grounds, between a side entrance and the smoking area, you’ll find a bit of wall that’s crying out for Chloe to do her best work on it.

6. In the drama room

Before Chloe has a chance to attend class, she’s whisked away by Rachel Amber to watch one of her drama rehearsals. Afterwards, you get to accompany her into the dressing room. Just in front of you as you walk in the door is a poster for their upcoming play, The Tempest. Give it your doodling treatment to unlock the sixth trophy/achievement.

7. On the train

Rachel drags Chloe off on an ‘adventure’, and their first port of call is jumping onto a moving train. In the carriage, Rachel will invite Chloe to grab a seat and sit down — there’s a crate that you can move to make a makeshift stool. Once you’ve moved it, don’t sit down; walk to the area that it was blocking off, and on the left-hand side is a panel where you can add your next piece of graffiti.

8. At the overlook point

After jumping from the train, Chloe and Rachel find themselves on a hill overlooking a park. Just behind where they’re standing is a rather imposing statue of a famous explorer. Chloe’s not a fan of his, though, so interacting with the statue will let her leave her little mark on it.

9. In the junkyard

Here’s another familiar location — Chloe finds herself alone in a junkyard, and, filled with rage, she decides to smash up a lot of stuff. Find a sign that you can smash, and interact with it. Just in front of the sign is a stack of paint cans; interact with them too, causing paint to splatter on the sign you’ve just let your rage out on. Interact with the sign again, and you can use the paint splatter as graffiti.

10. Chloe’s dream sequence

Chloe keeps having flashbacks of being in the car with her dad, and during the second of these in the episode is our last graffiti opportunity. There are three items that you can interact with — a Tempest poster, a mannequin head, and a bottle of wine. Interact with the poster first. Once that’s done, you’ll have a new option to move it, which will reveal a spot on the seat in front of Chloe to leave some graffiti. Unfortunately, she’s not got her pen on her. Interacting with the wine bottle will reveal the pen, and interacting with it again will make Chloe grab the pen. You can now graffiti away. Don’t interact with the mannequin head until that’s done as the scene will automatically end once all three objects have been interacted with once.

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