Frictional Games’ SOMA Rated for Xbox One

SOMA Header

Frictional Games’ SOMA, released in 2015 for PC and PlayStation 4, may be on its way to Xbox One.

Spotted by the eagle eyed, bargain powered Twitter supremo @Wario64, SOMA has apparently been rated by PEGI, Europe’s videogame classification board. Unsurprisingly it’s been rated for ages 16 and over because of realistic looking violence and strong language. What’s not been disclosed is that it’s also pretty freaky and may cause some unwanted bowel movements in players of all ages.


We reviewed the PC version of SOMA upon its release, and found the only thing disappointing about it to be its poor optimisation. PlayStation 4 users at the time were rather unanimous in the thought that it was brilliant.

SOMA places you in the shoes of a man called Simon Jarrett, who’s mysteriously found himself in a remote underwater research facility where machines have taken on human-like characteristics. Like Frictional Games’ other works, it’s a horror adventure game in which you’ll need to use stealth and your ability to solve puzzles to succeed. Highly regarded by critics, it’ll be a nice addition to the Xbox One’s library of games. Hopefully there’ll be an official announcement soon to confirm its release.