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Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Infinity Stones Guide

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Body 3

If you’ve picked up Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, you’ll have no doubt encountered its Infinity Stone system.

It’s a completely new feature, adding a layer of depth to the latest entry in the Marvel vs Capcom series. While each stone has a basic description on the character select screen however, it doesn’t do a great deal to let you know what it actually does and how best to use it. Don’t fret though, as we have your back.

Read on to find out exactly what each Infinity Stone’s Infinity Surge and Infinity Storm actually do, and when is probably best to use them.


Infinity Surge – Hurls a red ball of energy which homes in on your opponent. It doesn’t do a great deal of damage, but is useful to slow your opponent down and gain a bit of space. Best used with characters that don’t have their own projectile attacks.

Infinity Storm – During a Reality Infinity Storm your attacks will also cause an elemental attack to occur. Finding out which attack freezes your opponent should be the priority – it’s perfect for setting up a strong combo, or even better, a hyper combo.


Infinity Surge – Performs a powerful melee attack that sends your opponent flying backwards. While that is useful in itself at times, the real benefit is that your opponent will bounce back at you, allowing you to follow up for some extra damage. It’s handy for all characters really.

Infinity Storm – The Power Infinity Storm raises your attack power, making your hits do more damage. The impact of your hits will also leave your opponent reeling. Some attacks will see them fall to the floor, while others will make them stagger backwards. Good for slow, bulky characters who already have high damage values.


Infinity Surge – The Space Infinity Surge sucks the enemy towards you, drawing them in near. It’s a great way to counter opponents who constantly try to keep their distance.

Infinity Storm – Fighting an opponent who’s highly mobile? The Space Infinity Surge is your best friend. It seals your opponent in a cage, dramatically restricting their movement. It’s also useful if you want to gain some space.

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Infinity Surge – Possibly the most useful Infinity Surge in the game. It allows you to dash forward at super speed, passing through projectiles and even your opponent. While it’s very useful for all characters, slow characters get the most out it. Use it to get behind your opponent for some sneaky hits when they mess up.

Infinity Storm – Activating the Time Infinity Storm enables quick combo-ing into other attacks when an attack hits, basically allowing you to create your own custom combos. You can chain a few hard punches, for example. It also increases the active switch speed so you can tag your teammate into the action faster. Enable it and get creative!


Infinity Surge – Useful when up close, the Mind Infinity Surge performs a throw that renders the enemy immobile. Hit your opponent with this and they will be downed, but when they get back up they’ll be stunned momentarily. Make the most of it while you can.

Infinity Storm – If you’re the type of player that likes to make ample use of hyper combos, the Mind Infinity Storm will be your friend. Activating it causes your Hyper Combo gauge to raise continually. Get hyper combo-ing like mad whenever you see an opening. Maybe after using a Mind Infinity Surge, perhaps?


Infinity Surge – The Soul Infinity Surge allows you to leach some health from your opponent with a far-reaching attack. It’s useful when you’re low on health, but be aware that it doesn’t reach the full width of the screen.

Infinity Storm – When activating the Soul Infinity Storm your teammate joins you on-screen, even if they’ve previously been defeated. They’ll mimic your actions, basically letting you gang up on your opponent two-to-one. It can be useful to overwhelm your opponent, but your character selection determines its real usefulness. Match characters with similar ranges and speed to make the most of it.

So there we have it; a quick guide to Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite‘s Infinity Stones. Hopefully it’ll prove to be at least a bit useful to you.

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