Oculus Rift Users Should Probably Avoid the Steam Version of Don’t Knock Twice

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Earlier this week, a videogame tie-in to the fairly decent horror movie Don’t Knock Twice was released.

As a fan of all things horror I was excited to try it, and with a Steam key in the bank I was all set. Primarily made for VR, Don’t Knock Twice is notable for the fact that it also allows you play it non-VR mode, and seeing as I couldn’t be bothered to deal with the hassles of my Oculus Rift headset, that’s how I decided to play it first.

Running at just over an hour, my non-VR playthrough of Don’t Knock Twice was short but enjoyable. It was genuinely creepy at times, and though the gameplay was rather shallow and the controls a bit finickety, my opinion of it on the whole was quite positive. Before I finalised my review of the game however, I just had to try it in VR and see how it changed the experience. And that’s where everything went wrong.

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Now, I don’t own a HTC Vive headset, nor do I own Don’t Knock Twice on the Oculus store, so I can’t say that the game is free from any issues on those formats, but on Steam, playing the game with an Oculus Rift is a definite no-go. Initially it just wouldn’t work at all – you’d boot the game and then be unceremoniously dumped on the Oculus Home page after a couple of splash screens – but even after a patch solving that issue, playing my Steam copy of Don’t Knock Twice with an Oculus Rift has been rather fruitless.

If you enter the game’s graphics options, for example, the buttons/keys to move around it and accept/go back become unresponsive, demanding that you quit the game forcefully. Skipping the options to go straight into the game, if you don’t follow the brief introduction at exactly the pace the game wants you to progress through it, you can’t knock the door handle to begin, forcing you to quit back to the main menu and try again. And finally, when I did actually get into the game proper, when I picked up a mobile phone that is essential to proceed I couldn’t see it, because for some reason my character held it out of my field of view. I tried everything to resolve the issue, and the result was that it eventually just moved to a jaunty angle in the centre of my screen. At this point I just gave up.

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So, if you own an Oculus Rift headset and are interested in scaring yourself silly, Don’t Knock Twice will do it for all the wrong reasons if you buy it on Steam. At least for the moment anyhow. Judging by reviews left on the Oculus Store it seems like that version possibly doesn’t suffer in the same way, so maybe buy it from there. Although at the moment it doesn’t have the locomotive control option which the Steam one does. When you can’t play it though, it’s not particularly helpful anyway.

I’ll be keeping an eye on the Steam version of Don’t Knock Twice for any further updates.