Heart-Tugging Indie Game Fragments of Him is Coming to PS4 This Week

Emotionally-charged indie game Fragments of Him arrives on PlayStation 4 this week.

This largely monochrome title, which has its feet planted firmly in the “walking simulator” genre, focuses on the impact of life and loss. The game is ostensibly an exploration of the life and death of Will, who has been killed in a tragic car accident. You journey through the respective recollections of his boyfriend Harry, his grandmother Mary and his ex-girlfriend Sarah, as they recall the impact he had upon them.

As you progress you gain insight not only into Will’s life but also into the lives of the people close to him. For example, Mary’s attitude to Will’s bisexuality is initially “down with that sort of thing”, but despite this the game makes it clear that she wants the best for him. Fragments of Him also explores how each character deals with his passing and while the game’s pacing is undeniably slow, it will tug at your heartstrings.


We’ve previously reviewed both the Xbox One and PC versions of the game. Kim stated that, while it isn’t a game for everybody, Fragments of Him is “masterfully written, with impeccable dialogue that’s realistic, emotive and never clunky or awkward.” 

Becca was similarly positive, calling it “a nearly flawless gaming experience that manages to simultaneously bring tears to your eyes and warm your heart.”

You can pick up the pieces when Fragments of Him hits PlayStation 4 on September 26th.