Redout is the Best Anti-Gravity Racer on Xbox One

Redout 1

I’ve played a whole lot of Redout on PC, and let me tell you, it is sublime.

And it’s not just me that feels that way; Olivia reviewed it recently for us, scoring it a praiseworthy 8/10. For any PC gamers out there who are into anti-gravity racing it’s an essential purchase, and now console owners can get in on the act too.

While I have no experience with the PlayStation 4 version of the game, I’ve put some good hours into the Xbox One version since it released last week and I’m pretty impressed with the port. Redout is a stunning game to look at; it’s bright and vibrant, and its environments are like lucid alien worlds that you blaze through with such speed that they’re often just a blur. And while a bit rougher around the edges than its PC counterpart, the Xbox One version holds up pretty well.

Redout Body

The only concession that’s quickly apparent for anyone who’s played the PC version is its wonkier framerate. Running at 60 frames per second on PC, Redout plays just as good as it looks. It’s silky smooth, and when you’re hurtling through tracks at such velocity it’s truly mesmerising. Moving to the Xbox One version then, it was instantly apparent that the framerate had taken a hit in the transition. It’s not so much a problem, it just takes a bit of adjusting to. And those who are playing the game for the first time probably won’t even notice and/or care.

Featuring a huge single-player campaign in which you can amass a collection of unique craft and upgrade them to your liking, Redout is simply a bargain that console owners shouldn’t overlook. It also features split-screen and online play so you can race with your friends. PlayStation gamers may have got Wipeout Omega Collection to meet their anti-gravity needs but Redout is better, and on Xbox One it’s the only anti-gravity racing game worth considering. It may not run at 60 frames per second, but it’s still an eye-watering and hugely exhilarating experience.