Watch Nearly 10 Minutes of the Atmospheric The Land of Pain

The Land of Pain Header

Sometimes, I’m left in awe at people’s abilities.

Take Alessandro Guzzo, for instance; the sole developer of new Lovecraftian horror adventure game The Land of Pain that is now available on Steam. He’s pretty much made an entire game by himself that not only looks great, but also has solid gameplay to back it up.

The Land of Pain plops you into a wonderfully idyllic woodland setting, leading you to believe that a nice scenic walk is in order before things soon go horribly wrong. Encountering a strange orb that you just can’t help but investigate, you quickly find yourself in a much darker and hostile environment than you signed up for, and it is very harrowing indeed.

While The Lands of Pain‘s frequent indoor environments and ruins take away some of the effect with their sketchy textures, the woodland and expanses in between are eerily lifelike. The dense foliage and credible weather effects really draw you in to a dark and foreboding world, and when you begin to hear strange noises all around you, panic does truly set in.

The Land of Pain Body 1

More than simply a horrifying walking simulator, The Land of Pain will have you using your brain to work out solutions to conundrums from time to time, as well as trying to navigate your way around while avoiding a dark and ominous presence. It’s not perfect, perhaps sometimes it could hold your hand just a tiny bit more to put you on the required path instead of letting you wander around aimlessly, and the lack of voice-acting does detract a little from its immersiveness, but it’s certainly worth checking out if you’re a fan games that put you on edge.

If you’re interested in The Land of Pain, why not give the video below a watch? There’s nearly 10 minutes of gameplay for you to watch, and if you like it you can head on over to Steam to buy the game right now.