Watch 15 Minutes of ‘Beat The Game’, A Fever-Dream Rhythm Adventure

I’ve never played anything else quite like Beat the Game, and I probably never will.

Developed and published by Worm Animation, it released on PC on 7th September and has seemingly slipped under most radars. It’s unfortunate, because it’s bloody good.

Beat the Game is both an adventure game and a music rhythm game. Where in a standard adventure you explore an environment to find objects that help you solve a puzzle, here, you collect sounds. Sounds that you can mix together in a musical tour de force, and create a spectacular DJ set that’ll blow everyone’s socks off.

I gave it a little go this weekend, and it’s an incredibly bizarre combination — but somehow, it works. Coupled with the magnificent art style that feels like it could have been stolen from Tim Burton’s daydreams, it really is something worth checking out.

Give our short gameplay video a watch, and if you fancy playing something unlike anything else you have in your Steam library, it’s available now for just £6.99.