Watch Us Play 10 Minutes of Cuphead


Happy Cuphead Day, everyone!

The gorgeous 1930s cartoon-inspired shooter is finally here; a real thing on our consoles, available for us to play. It’s been a long time coming, and the question we’re all dying to know is: has it been worth the wait?

Well, we’ve only put about 30 minutes into it so far, but all signs point to yes. It’s hard – just as we knew it would be – but god, it’s fun. And those visuals. Well, they speak for themselves, really. It’s hard to think of another game with as much charm and charisma as this.


Cuphead has a world map-style overview from which you can access its levels, new areas opening up as you progress. There’s a mixture of boss fights and ‘run and gun’ levels — and they’re all as fiendish as each other. It’s playable in co-op (with player two controlling ‘Mugman’), and you can see us complete a number of levels in both single player and co-op in the video below.

We’ll have our full review of Cuphead early next week, but until then, enjoy us running and gunning our way to success… with only a few fails along the way.

Cuphead is available now on PC and Xbox One.