With the rise of online multiplayer, split screen co-op gaming is sadly dying out; at one time, there was no other way to play your favourite games than huddled around a tiny CRT screen, split in two or four, whilst you battled your friends for the ultimate victory.

Fortunately, a handful of games are keeping the golden age of local co-op alive, so grab some controllers, call up some friends, and get your mitts on these couch co-op games on Xbox One.

50. Caveman Warriors

Caveman Warriors Body 2

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If you like an old-school platformer, then Caveman Warriors is worth checking out. With a friend playing by your side in local co-op, the game's much more challenging as you need to utilise each character's special skills in order to progress through the level. Still, with a prehistoric theme and a cool cast of characters, it's a fun way to pass the time - even if it is very challenging.

49. Goat Simulator

You've probably never thought about how much you'd like to be a goat, but Goat Simulator makes those dreams come true. More of a sandbox filled with mayhem than an actual game, Goat Simulator lets you and a friend run around... as goats. Doing goat-like things. Like riding a bike or bouncing on a trampoline. Standard.

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