With video games being one of the most popular forms of media and the shift in marketing from children to adults, it can be difficult to know what games are suitable for younger players.

You've caved and bought little Johnny and Sally that PlayStation 4 they've been crying about all year, but now they need some games to go with it. They may ask for GTA5 "because all the kids at school are playing it" but we all know it's not suitable for a child to play. But what games are? Look no further, dear parent or guardian, as we are here to advise you on 30 of the best PS4 games for kids.

Under each game, we've listed a recommended suitable age. These aren't official; just our own recommendation as to what age group of children would best enjoy the game.

30. Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered

Letter Quest 1-min

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Suitable for: Age 8+

A monster-killing dungeon crawler where words are your weapons? Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered has a bizarre concept – but it's incredibly fun. The premise is to complete a series of levels by killing the enemies that lurk within by spelling words from a grid. The longer your word is, the more damage you do.

Its vibrant, fun visuals will appeal to kids of any age. The enemy designs are fun, and the overarching story of your character "Grimm" wanting a slice of pizza is silly but entertaining. There's also the added benefit of a word game to add some educational value making this the perfect PS4 game for kids. Every word spelled also gives the dictionary definition of the game, so younger players will be improving their spelling and semantics, all while having fun.

29. Snoopy's Grand Adventure

Snoopys Grand Adventure 2-min

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Suitable for: Age 5+

Based on the upcoming cinema release The Peanuts MovieSnoopy's Grand Adventure is an easy-going platform game aimed at younger children. Thanks to the bright colours, incredibly simple controls and straightforward gameplay (run and jump!), kids of any age can join in - and there's a limited co-op mode too, so siblings can help each other to complete levels.

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