Gamers Welcome Mobile Devices Being More Powerful Than Desktops

For many years, probably a couple decades in fact, handheld devices such as mobile phones were a lot less powerful than their desktop counterparts when it came to gaming.

Those who love to game like to enjoy the best graphics and the most seamless gameplay they can. People gamed on their mobiles to cure boredom rather than to actually enjoy the experience. But since the emergence of smartphones, things have changed, dramatically.

Nowadays, people are gaming on their smartphones and tablets because they actually provide a quality gaming experience. The latest flagship devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, and the OnePlus 5 all have in-built features to enhance the gaming experience even further. The fact that nowadays it’s common placed to find AMOLED displays, fast processors and huge amounts of RAM in a smart device means that there are close to no limits when it comes to gaming on the smaller screen.

It’s not even uncommon anymore to find that some of the desktops, laptops, notebooks and netbooks that are currently in use or being sold are actually less powerful than certain smartphones. More and more people are choosing to spend their time gaming on their smart devices – they’re not only incredibly powerful, but a lot of the games also tend to be free to play. It’s also often the case that mobile games also have a habit of becoming very addictive, taking the nation and even the world by storm. Look at the likes of Candy Crush and, most recently, Pokémon Go. Two games that look great, play great and continue to attract millions of players.

You could also look at the apps that online casino companies such Unibet put out. Nowadays you can play 3D slots that have great visuals and gameplay, and you can also play online casino favourites such as poker, roulette and blackjack in real-time, with a live dealer. Apps such as this, as well as premium games, are handled exceptionally well by the modern day smart device. Although the games may have pretty high requirements, even the more budget end devices have the kind of specs needed to run them in the way that they were intended, providing the user with a great experience.

Many people are making the shift to game more regularly on their smart devices and not just to cure boredom on their daily commute. These devices are now being built with gaming in mind and with the technology used by manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple continuing to advance at a rapid rate, mobile gaming is going to continue to improve as time goes on. This will be extremely beneficial, not only to the user and the phone manufacturer but also to game developers as well as companies such as online casinos too.