Harvest Moon is Coming to PC in November

It’s rare a game arrives earlier than planned, but Natsume has announced that Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will be available on Steam on 14th November.

It’s the first time a Harvest Moon game will be available on PC, and it marks the 20th anniversary of the franchise. On the release, president of development studio Natsume says, “due to the hard work of our team, development for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for PC ran ahead of schedule. We have enjoyed creating an all-new game that honours 20 years of Harvest Moon.”

The story of Light of Hope sounds instantly familiar: you set sail on the open seas to find a fresh start, but a storm washes you ashore in a small harbour town. It’s in dire disrepair and is crying out for someone to come and help the town get back on its feet. Enter: you. And away you go, growing crops, raising livestock, and making friends with the townsfolk.


In the age of Stardew Valley though, will the original farming life simulator live up to its legacy? I guess we’ll soon find out.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will be available on PC on 14th November. A Nintendo Switch and PS4 release is scheduled for early 2018.