Nioh: Complete Edition Set to Destroy PC Gamers Later This Year

Released earlier this year to critical acclaim, Koei Tecmo has announced that Nioh will be making its way to PC this November.

Comprised of the original game plus all three expansions – Dragon of the North, Defiant Honour and Bloodshed’s End – Nioh: Complete Edition will truly push PC gamers to the limit when it releases on 7th November. Though they will have some benefits that PlayStation 4 owners were without.

Right from the outset, PC gamers will have access to all seven weapon types, as well as ninjutsu and onmyo magics, giving them a bit of a helping hand. Also, finishing the core game will unlock features like the Dual Guardian Spirit. Additionally, to celebrate the game’s release on Steam, purchasers will receive the Dharmachakra Kabuto helmet. Featuring a red lacquered front crest, whether or not it offers any special benefit is yet to be ascertained.


Nioh 1

Placing you in the shoes of the first western samurai, William Adams, Nioh will have PC gamers travelling across Japan, taking on brutal missions that involve them fighting against grotesque creatures based on Japanese folklore. Of course, on PC the game will look better than ever if your machine is up to it, though like on PS4, many will prioritise a high framerate at the expense of eye-candy.

If you’ve not played Nioh yet and are a keen PC gamer, it’s probably worth holding out until the game releases on PC later this year. Jam-packed full with content and new features, it seems like it will be the ultimate version of the game.

Keep an eye on Koei Tecmo’s website for more updates on Nioh: Complete Edition.