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Puzzle Showdown 4K Trophy Guide

You know when you get a new TV and you want a really high-res, gorgeous image to show off your new tech? Essentially, Puzzle Showdown 4K is great for just that.

Most of its 100+ images are truly stunning with immense detail and it even includes a “Showcase” mode to display the images, puzzle piece-less on your TV screen as a slide-show. Beyond that, however, finding positives for Puzzle Showdown 4K becomes a little more difficult.

It’s not that it’s particularly bad, more that it’s not much beyond a photo album. If you’re looking for a highly involved game to play, then this obviously isn’t it.

However, if you’re something of a trophy collector, then this is a game you may want to pay attention to.Puzzle Showdown 4K provided the easiest platinum trophy I’ve ever gotten. By a mile. All you need is a second controller and you’ll get that sweet, sweet trophy in around two to three hours, max. How? I’ll tell you:

Step 1: Mute the game in the settings and put Spotify on. I cannot stress this enough. It may not be necessary for the trophies, but it is necessary for your sanity.

Step 2: Choose any 510-piece puzzle — I’d recommend one from the “Wacky” category as they are the easiest. Make sure you enable scoring, disable rotation and choose “image” as the background. You’ll need to complete this puzzle in less than two hours. To do this, simply start each piece in the top left corner and hold right on the d-pad and the analogue stick. Do this across each row until the piece tells you it’s in the right place. Do this over and over and this method will take you about an hour to complete the puzzle.

Step 3: Set up a second controller and play 10 28-piece jigsaws with scoring enabled. For the first two you should play as player 2 until you have a score of 1,000 points. Then, play as player 1 and complete the puzzle. Now play a 28-piece puzzle and have player 1 place all the pieces they can. When you run out of pieces, have player 2 discard theirs and then place them as player 1 (discarded pieces go to the opposite player). Simply defeat player 2 seven more times to complete this step.

Step 4: Return to single player. Using 28-piece puzzles, set scoring on and, using the discard function, place all seven top or bottom edge pieces in a row. Now complete the opposite row (top or bottom) and then connect the two along either the left or right edge.

Step 5: Now set scoring off and play 28-piece puzzles until your final trophy pops, followed by the Platinum.


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