Star Wars Battlefront II Open Beta Launches Tomorrow

Star Wars Battlefront 2

If you want to see what awaits you in Star Wars Battlefront II before its November release, you can jump into the open beta tomorrow.

Starting tomorrow (Friday, 6th October) at 9am BST (that’s 4am ET/1am PT), the multiplayer open beta will be available to download. If you’re one of the lucky few with early access, it’s available right now, but everyone else has to wait another day.

The Battlefront II open beta will let you try out the multiplayer elements of the game, including Arcade challenges, Galactic Assault challenges, and Starfighter Assault challenges.


On Friday (6th), you’ll be able to undertake Arcade challenges that task you to kill 30 AI enemies in order to win a number of rewards. Despite being called the ‘multiplayer beta’, Arcade offers up single player challenges.

Saturday (7th) will see you playing Galactic Assault challenges, where you can play as a clone trooper to defend Naboo. You can also join the ranks of the Separatists, pilot vehicles, and call in back-up to help you out.

Sunday (8th) opens up Starfighter Assault challenges, and as the name suggests, you’ll be heading to the skies to defend Fondor from Star Destroyers.

The Star Wars Battlefront II open beta is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4. It runs all weekend, finishing at 5pm BST on Monday.