Totally True Gaming News Round-Up: Cuphead Hits the Amiga, Overwatch Halloween Skins and More

It’s that time of year year again. When the nights draw in, and it’s somehow  acceptable to demand that people give you things or face the dire consequences.

But that’s enough about loot boxes. What else has been happening in the world of gaming? Totally True Gaming News has the latest, the greatest and the totally-not-made-up-est stories for your perusal.

Cuphead to hit the Amiga

The Cuphead train just won’t stop, barreling on through the night, obliterating any small, furry animals that blunder onto the tracks. This week it’s been revealed that, in honour of the game’s retro aesthetic, Cuphead will be released across several previously defunct platforms including the Master System the 3DO, the Atari Jaguar, MegaDrive, Sega Nintendo Entertainment System, the Barcode Battler and the PlayStation 4.


While most of these ports have yet to be dated, Totally True Gaming News can reveal that the Amiga 500 version of Cuphead will be released on the 25th of November, International Receptable Day. The game will come on 12,525 floppy disks which will be delivered by a fleet of official Cuphead lorries. Or, if you choose the cheaper shipping option, they’ll be kicked over your fence by a grumpy, underpaid delivery driver.

Electronic Arts inadvertently reveals future Sims 4 content

Following on from the announcement that The Sims 4 would be receiving a Laundry Day Stuff expansion, it’s been discovered that Electronic Arts has trademarked the names several future Sims 4 expansion packs. After Laundry Day Stuff, The Sims 4 will receive these game add-ons.

  • President’s Day Stuff
  • Weasel Stomping Day Things
  • Shrove Tuesday Codpieces
  • International Drum Month Outfits
  • Nose Picking November Items

EA have denied allegations that they’re trying to make The Sims 5 look interesting by contrast.

Halloween Overwatch Skins cause controversy

Aside from demanding money  and sweets with menaces, another fine Halloween tradition, dating back 75 years, is the addition of Halloween skins to Blizzard’s multiplayer shoot-em-up, Overwatch. However, this year’s offerings have been labelled “offensive”, “misjudged” and “gut-wrenchingly, therapy-necessitatingly horrific.”

The controversy stems from the nature of this year’s Halloween skins. Previous years saw each character donning an alternate outfit, dressing as a witch, werewolf or other creature. 2017’s Halloween Overwatch Skins, on the other hand, have the game’s characters wearing the actual skins of other characters.

For example, Zarya now runs around each level clad in Tracer’s stretched, straining epidermis. D.Va, on the other hand, wears McCree’s face, in the manner of Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Leatherface. Blizzard has defended the movie claiming that “If we did the same thing every year, it’d be pretty damn boring.”

Buffalo Bill was unavailable for comment.

Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite patched

Capcom may have been busy adding a range of overpriced downloadable content to Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite but they’re still catering to gamers who don’t like having their wallets pulled out through their nostrils. This week saw the release of a new patch for the fighting game which, from Capcom’s patch notes, features the following changes:

  • Added Wolverine as playable character.
  • Removed Wolverine as playable character.
  • Ultron Sigma no longer referred to as “Chad”.
  • Frank West’s victory pose now features a ten minute rant complaining that he’s not voiced by T.J. Rotolo in Dead Rising 4.
  •  Squirrel Girl removed from game due to being vastly overpowered.
  • “Dusty Guff” move causes 10% less damage.
  • Default announcer replaced with Cecil Palmer from “Welcome to Night Vale”.

And that’s all the news. Next week, we’ll be speaking to Gary Busey about taking on the role of Detective Pikachu in the upcoming Nintendo movie.