Can Video Games Reduce Stress?

The term “gamer” has become less “weirdo” that it was a decade ago.

Scientists and researchers often point out the positive effects of the video games, for stress reduction in particular. And this statement is supported by people of all ages or interests. We all in some way are involved in gaming, whether it is a simple block puzzle, multi-levelled strategy or online casinos, which can all be helpful in reducing stress — if approached in the right way, of course.

Scientific researches on correlation between gaming and stress reduction

According to a study by Jaime Banks and John G. Cole, video gaming has succeeded in helping to overcome service-related trauma for American service members. In many cases, such approach helped people to escape from the worries and realities of life, which allows our brain to rest and reestablish its functions. The results showed that games involving some kind of social element helped gamers to reconnect with civilian life. McGill University’s studies in 2007 have shown that playing social-intelligence games helps in lowering down the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) in 17%.

The positive effect of gaming

Anyone who games regularly will attest that it offers an escape from the stresses of real life. Depending on the type of game you enjoy playing, it can be the only short break you get, offering a small window of relaxation into an otherwise busy work schedule.

When it comes to children, many people worry that gaming can have a negative effect on their physical and mental growth. But National Institute of Ageing has proved that kids who are involved in gaming demonstrate a higher level of cognitive functions.

There plenty of works that are research this aspect of human activity. The conclusions are impressive! Games can not only reduce the regular stress of working or studying, but it really can help in overcoming the serious traumas and cure some mental issues too.

What games are suitable for beating the stress?

Most of us will game on a PC or console, but the development of mobile gadgets has provided us with opportunities to play anytime and any place we want. Some game types are better than dealing with stress than others, and here are some great places to start:

Casual Games: They do not have complicated tasks or gameplay features. Most offer a minimum level of challenge that manages to be involving but not stressful. Also, you can take a break anytime you want and get back to other life activities. They generally involve simple puzzles, blocks, and match-three type games. Think Tetris or Candy Crush!

Cooperative Games: These are good in creating social skills and feeling the support of other people. We can enjoy such activities with friends or random people from the internet and develop our communicative intellect.

Games with Stress Management Component: Such games are unique as they create stressful situations on purpose in order to get people prepared to overcome them in real life. They are good training tools for studying stress management techniques for further usage in reality.

Building Skills Games: These activities are aimed at our intellectual development and levelling up our education. At the same time, they have involving gameplay that makes us focus on completing game challenges instead of being stuck in stress condition.