CD Projekt is Likely to Shy Away From Sequels in the Future

In an interview with Polish Investment website, Strefa Inwestorow, it has been hinted that we may see less sequels from CD Projekt going forward.

Adam Kiciński, the President of CD Projekt, stated that “Individual games can sell much, much better”, suggesting that we’re less likely to see numbered sequels to any games it develops going forward. Chances are it’ll still create new games in existing worlds providing there’s a demand for it, however, with Kiciński open to delivering another The Witcher game separate to the existing trilogy when the time is right.

“The fans would never forgive us, the investors would never forgive us,” he said at the prospect of not returning to the franchise which the company hold the rights for.


Multiplayer seems to be a focus of CD Projekt going forward too. “Online is necessary or very recommended… there will be a certain online element related to Cyberpunk,” Kiciński asserted, though not open to discussing any further details.

While CD Projekt seems to be reacting to changes in the market to make its games more saleable, one thing hasn’t changed: its desire to give gamers the best experiences around. “For us, the biggest risk is delivering a game which will not be outstanding”. It’s a commendable stance for a company to take, and one that gives us confidence that Cyberpunk 2077 will blow our socks off when released. Whenever that may be.