The Coolest Use For Your Old Super Nintendo

Hmm, that big old cartridge slot on the Super Nintendo is strangely reminiscent of something. Oh, yeah, that’s right. A letterbox.

Or so some clever soul has thought. Twitter user @FvLJACKANO shared a photo of a full-size SNES mounted into an old brick wall.

It’s rather striking, alright. Although we can’t imagine it’ll play games particularly well in its current state — let’s hope it was broken beforehand.

Another user, @glamage, confirmed that the SNES-letterbox is in the North of England, along Hadrian’s Wall.

So, Nintendo fans, now there’s another good reason to go walking between Newcastle and Carlisle: you can see an old SNES mounted upright in bricks. It’s a sight to behold, alright.

Now if you’d excuse me, I’ve got to scour some car boot sales to find me an old Nintendo to turn into a letterbox.